Solo Instruments

Picasso Plays the Guitar (8.5')

for Solo Guitar  

    The Old Guitarist [1903], Guernica [1937], Girl with Mandolin [1910], 

    Child with a Dove [1901], Minotoar [1936], The Bulls [1945]

John Wiesenthal,  guitar

Solitudes (8')

for Solo Piano      

Merrill Nixon, piano

Bear Music (13')

for Clarinet and Narrator

2, pic 2, E.H. 2, B.Cl 2, C.Bn   Timp, 3 Percussion, Harp, Strings

To accompany the reading of ‘Little Bear's Visit’, by Else Minarik, Harper Collins Books

Margaret Quackenbush, clarinet

Solo Pipe Organ

Double Helix Toccata (4’) 

Constructed of 100s of 4 note ‘nucleotides’

Echo Tunes

4 complete canons between Organ and electronic delay

Melvin J. Butler, organ


5 works on Genevan Psalm Tunes 19, 96, 23, 84 and 128

Marnie Giesbrecht, organ

Psalm 116

Companion piece to J.P. Sweelinck's Psalm 116

Premiered at Sweelinck's Oude Kirk, Amsterdam

Charles Rus, organ

Organ Fantasy (14')

Steven Rapp, organ

Solo Lever Harp

Brightest and Best (5.5')

Roxanne Zeigler, harp

Les Enfants A La Crecho (2.5')

Balloo Lammy (3')