Planetarium Music

Planetarium Show Soundtracks

Narrations by Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Marietta Hartley, 'Sesame Street' Bob and others

The music alone was worth the price of admission.
— Michael Walsh, soon-to-be music critic of Times magazine, reviewing the show 'Encounter'
Your music was beautiful!
— Bob Moog, synthesizer inventor, at premiere of 'Sunward!'

National Air and Space Museum


Media: Full Orchestral Soundtracks, with electronics; stereo music with narration channel

New Eyes on the Universe: Washington DC musicians

Probe: DC musicians, live multi-track Rhodes Chroma synthesizer

Calling All Stars: Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

Comet Quest: Marietta Hartley, Narrator;  Rochester Philharmonic and Washington Folger Shakespeare Consort

State of the Universe: First inclusion of MIDI keyboard synchronization 

1985 Graham-Rudman Bill ended Smithsonian budget for orchestral soundtracks

Strasenburgh Planetarium

Rochester, New York (1975-1979)

Media: Multi-tracked MiniMoog and electronics; stereo music with narration channel

The Archive Factor

Cosmic Mysteries: Leonard Nimoy, Narrator; Cello, Regina Klemperer, cello

Encounterwith Soprano Pamela Coburn

Revolutions: The Chris Gekker Brass Quintet 


Gifts from the Gods?: Electric Harpsichord

The Universe Game

Alien Odyssey

Perplexities: First use of PolyMoog

The Invisible Universe

A Universe of Fire and Ice: All Instrumental

Juggernaut: William Shatner, narrator; with Virginia Lenz, viola

A Fool in the Universe: Mime Show with Bob Berky

Galileo: Incidental Music for Bertolt Brecht Play

McKnight Omnitheater

MinnesotaMuesum of Science, St. Paul (1978-1982) 

Media: quadraphonic Rochester chamber ensemble plus electronics

Genesis - Opening Production

Columbia Shuttle


Indianapolis Children's Museum 


Opening Production

Media: 6 channels; 4 synthesizer music field plus 2 narration channels