Children's Choral Music

Mice and Beans (45')        

Opera for Youth Chorus, Soprano, Baritone and Chamber Orchestra

Concert Suite from Mice and Beans

excerpt: La Luna

excerpt: When There’s Room in the Heart

excerpt: Market Calls

3 Songs from Shakespeare's 'Midsummer Night's Dreams'

Night Songs

2 Part Accompanied

G. Schirmer

I Dance to the Stars and the Moon

3 part treble, accompanied  

G. Schirmer

3 Folk Carols

Were We Dreaming

SSA or SATBw/ harp

G. Schirmer

Catalonian Carol

SA, oboe, harp  

Boosey & Hawkes

Family Matters

 Suite forChildren’s Chorus

excerpt: My Father Doesn’t Live with Us


Children’s Chorus

Poems of Douglas Florian

Goops and Hula Hoops

Suite    SSA and Chamber Ensemble or Piano

Food, Dude!

for 3 part young men’s voices TTB

Poems of Douglas Florian  

Hal Leonard

Hello, My Name is Dracula

Don’t Slurp Your Soup

I Love to Eatsa Pizza

Digital Dude